Flock Talk Episode 8 – Party Games

In this episode of Flock Talk, Chris, Myles, and Kathryn celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial by talking about Party Games – the good, the bad, and the FUTURE. Continue reading “Flock Talk Episode 8 – Party Games”

Flock Talk Episode 7 – Escape Rooms

In this episode of Flock Talk, Chris, Myles and Kathryn talk about their experiences with escape rooms – ones they liked, ones they hated, and ones they CRUSHED.

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Flock Talk Episode 6 – Gaming Aspirations

In this episode of Flock Talk, Chris, Myles and Kathryn discuss their various gaming aspirations – from being a professional Magic: the Gathering player, to being a completionist, or to just ‘git gud’.

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Flock Talk Episode 5 – Tax time!

If there’s one thing that Chris, Kathryn and Myles love, it’s taxes. In this episode, they celebrate the time-honoured tradition of taxation.

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Flock Talk Episode 4 – SPORTS!

If there’s one thing Flock of Nerds knows nothing about, it’s SPORTS! But, they talk about it anyway in this month’s episode of Flock Talk! Continue reading “Flock Talk Episode 4 – SPORTS!”