A Flock Tribute to Spock

SpockI will start off by saying that I am not a “Trekkie”, or whatever Star Trek fans like to refer to themselves as these days. But, I am no less saddened by the news of Leonard Nimoy’s passing. I grew up watching the original movies, and even saw the fourth (not-so-great) one in the theatre. While I was never quite taken by the show itself, I always loved Spock. He was, to me, the most interesting and memorable character.

So, as a small tribute to Mr. Nimoy and his legacy, here is a compilation of the many Spock sketches I have collected, in no particular order:

Isanove Spock
Richard Isanove
Kirk Spock
Leonard Kirk
Brown Spock
Jeffrey Brown
McLeod Spock
Kagan McLeod
Lemire Spock
Jeff Lemire
Kelly Spock
Ryan Kelly
Langridge Spock
Roger Langridge
Annable Spock
Graham Annable
Harbin Spock
Dustin Harbin
Campbell Spock
Scott Campbell

I should mention that I normally ask for Mysterio sketches so those last few drawings are a result of me saying, “either Mysterio or Spock – you choose.”

Also, this is Audi commercial that he did with Zachary Quinto is awesome:

To quote my friend, Brent’s Facebook status: He lived long, we prospered. RIP, LLAP.

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