About Us

Myles McInnis

The resident Magic Player, Myles, brings enthusiasm and flying roundhouse kicks to the Flock of Nerds collective. Myles has hosted a YouTube channel since 2011 and has been known to win a couple Cube drafts when the stars align. The handsome fat guy loves eating pizza and playing video games from his childhood as he regresses to an age where life wasn’t so serious. Once someone called Myles a “movie-lover” and Myles was said to have acknowledged this title as acceptable. If you enjoy hopscotch and exercise, Myles’ brand of humour may not be for you. But, for those of you who like to exercise your rights to scotch and hops, Milo might be right up your alley. Cheers!


Kathryn Song

Much of Kathryn’s life has been lived in nerd denial – “nerdnial”, if you will. But, after having met Myles, she has come to realize that she is, in fact, a pretty big nerd. She actually has fairly eclectic interests, but is not an expert in any one subject. She blames this on her self-diagnosed OCD, which keeps her laser-focused on the nerdy thing-du-jour, and on her ADD, which has her pinballing from one nerdy thing to the next. What sort of thing is she obsessed with today? Keep checking in on Flock of Nerds to find out!