Last Will: The Review

A Solid Gold House!

As I’ve gotten older and wiser to the intricacies of Board Gaming, I’m finding that I need more theme in my games. If you’ve read my review on Dominion, you’ll remember that I didn’t like it because it was a game that could have been about anything – the theme wasn’t very important. Continue reading “Last Will: The Review”

Sheriff of Nottingham: The Review


He’s such a smug jerk.

How do you play Sheriff of Nottingham? Read the below. Continue reading “Sheriff of Nottingham: The Review”

War of the Ring- Second Edition: The Review

This box is as heavy as the burden of the ring upon Frodo’s neck.


I am in constant search for the Holy Grail of Board Games. That game that will appeal to the casual player, drip with theme, be endlessly replayable, and will be continually rewarding. ┬áLegendary games meet all of the criteria, great games meet some, good games probably meet two, and bad games meet none. War of the Ring- Second Edition is a great game. Continue reading “War of the Ring- Second Edition: The Review”

Scheduled Review

Apologies for the mistake this morning- I wasn’t able to finish my review on War of the Ring: Second Edition and forgot to push back the publish date. I’ll update the article and post shortly.

Cosmic Encounter: The Review

You had me at “Hammerhead Alien with a Snail on its Head!”


I feel like I have only scratched the surface with Cosmic Encounter. I’ve only just recently been able to play a game, but I can say unequivocally that it is a game that works so well, that it is recommended that you just go out and buy it. Continue reading “Cosmic Encounter: The Review”