Zoinks! The Death of Saturday Morning Cartoons


I blame Zack Morris. And Kelly whatsherface and that one who went on to do Showgirls and that guy who hosts dancing shows and that other one. And, of course, I blame Screech. I shake my fist at Screech.

Recently, network television ran the last, fullly dedicated block of animation on a Saturday morning. Continue reading “Zoinks! The Death of Saturday Morning Cartoons”

Foray into Cosplay!

Last week was the big Cosplay Ball!

Of nerdy things, Cosplay is the one interest that probably aligns most closely to my other interests (*wink, nudge*). So, I thought this would be a fun time and a learning experience to share on Flock of Nerds. Continue reading “Foray into Cosplay!”

That Presentation of Spider-Woman

Given that I spend most of my time in the realm of “erotic,” I have to say I was quite surprised to learn that this is the actual image for the upcoming Spider-Woman #1. Continue reading “That Presentation of Spider-Woman”

n00b at the Cosplay Ball

Okay folks, I’m taking the nerdy next step here. At the end of August, Toronto plays host to Fan Expo—which I gather is a really big deal. Certainly seems that way because it is a bit rich for my pocketbook…but I don’t want to miss out on exploring a new realm of nerdy.

So instead, I’m going to G33KPR0N’s Cosplay Ball 2014! Continue reading “n00b at the Cosplay Ball”

Insert Quarter—High Score!

I recently had the opportunity to visit one of my favourite places in the world: The Balm Beach Arcade. After having mentioned this hallowed video gaming ground in our first edition of Nerducating Jon, I was really looking forward to my annual visit. Continue reading “Insert Quarter—High Score!”