Flock Talk Episode 1 – NES Classic Edition

It’s the very first episode of Flock Talk, with Kathryn, Chris and Myles! In this episode we delve into the Nintendo Classic conundrum: to buy, or not to buy?

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Kathryn Plays Standard @ GP Toronto (on the side)


Myles asked me to play. I didn’t really want to, but he asked so nicely and he made me a deck (one very similar to the sealed decks I played at GP Ottawa) so I agreed, even though I’ve never played Standard. Continue reading “Kathryn Plays Standard @ GP Toronto (on the side)”

FoN Excursion: The Legend of Zelda Symphony


A few weeks ago, my sister sent me a very excited e-mail to tell me that she had been invited to sing with the Elora Festival Singers along with the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra. They would be performing The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses – Master Quest at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts.  Continue reading “FoN Excursion: The Legend of Zelda Symphony”

A Flock Tribute to Spock

SpockI will start off by saying that I am not a “Trekkie”, or whatever Star Trek fans like to refer to themselves as these days. But, I am no less saddened by the news of Leonard Nimoy’s passing. I grew up watching the original movies, and even saw the fourth (not-so-great) one in the theatre. While I was never quite taken by the show itself, I always loved Spock. He was, to me, the most interesting and memorable character. Continue reading “A Flock Tribute to Spock”

Flockin’ Around: Keith Courage in Alpha Zones

It’s time to play a bit more Turbo Grafx 16!! This time, Myles and Kathryn play Keith Courage in Alpha Zones – the system’s launch title. Will it be as bad as Myles remembers? Or will he be pleasantly surprised? Watch and find out!! Continue reading “Flockin’ Around: Keith Courage in Alpha Zones”