Last Will: The Review

A Solid Gold House!

As I’ve gotten older and wiser to the intricacies of Board Gaming, I’m finding that I need more theme in my games. If you’ve read my review on Dominion, you’ll remember that I didn’t like it because it was a game that could have been about anything – the theme wasn’t very important. Continue reading “Last Will: The Review”

Sheriff of Nottingham: The Review


He’s such a smug jerk.

How do you play Sheriff of Nottingham? Read the below. Continue reading “Sheriff of Nottingham: The Review”

War of the Ring- Second Edition: The Review

This box is as heavy as the burden of the ring upon Frodo’s neck.


I am in constant search for the Holy Grail of Board Games. That game that will appeal to the casual player, drip with theme, be endlessly replayable, and will be continually rewarding. Legendary games meet all of the criteria, great games meet some, good games probably meet two, and bad games meet none. War of the Ring- Second Edition is a great game. Continue reading “War of the Ring- Second Edition: The Review”

Cosmic Encounter: The Review

You had me at “Hammerhead Alien with a Snail on its Head!”


I feel like I have only scratched the surface with Cosmic Encounter. I’ve only just recently been able to play a game, but I can say unequivocally that it is a game that works so well, that it is recommended that you just go out and buy it. Continue reading “Cosmic Encounter: The Review”

Tales of the Arabian Nights: The Review

The artwork in this game is almost worth the price alone- so evocative.

Tales of the Arabian Nights is unlike anything I’ve ever played. It is obviously a labour of love that seems like it was a herculean task to create. I picture the writer of the Book of Tales trapped in a dungeon by an evil Vizier, ready to be killed at a whim, his life only being prolonged by his constant insistence that he’s almost done writing the book. Continue reading “Tales of the Arabian Nights: The Review”