X-Wing Miniatures Game: A Review

TLDR: It’s good- very good


It has become a nerd cliche that every nerd has to be madly in love with Star Wars. It has permeated our culture to such a degree that whenever a television show or movie wants you to really appreciate the awkward nerdiness of a character they will inevitably make a Star Wars reference that is meant to highlight the years that they have spent in the basement, watching and re watching the films, obsessing over the books and generally being a super fan. These references are generally grating, and ultimately hollow. Continue reading “X-Wing Miniatures Game: A Review”

Zoinks! The Death of Saturday Morning Cartoons


I blame Zack Morris. And Kelly whatsherface and that one who went on to do Showgirls and that guy who hosts dancing shows and that other one. And, of course, I blame Screech. I shake my fist at Screech.

Recently, network television ran the last, fullly dedicated block of animation on a Saturday morning. Continue reading “Zoinks! The Death of Saturday Morning Cartoons”

Nerducating Jon: Episode 4


Lesson 4: Dan Harmon – The Rise and Fall…and Rise of a Genius

In this episode we talk to Jon about the man behind Community. From his humble beginnings at Channel 101, to his legendary firing from (and unprecedented re-hiring to) the show he created, to his extremely open and honest (a little TOO honest, at times) podcast/live show.  We cover as much as we can – and as much as we know – about Dan Harmon.

[Note: apologies in advance for the poor audio quality. We had a few…uh…problems. ~ks]

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Foray into Cosplay!

Last week was the big Cosplay Ball!

Of nerdy things, Cosplay is the one interest that probably aligns most closely to my other interests (*wink, nudge*). So, I thought this would be a fun time and a learning experience to share on Flock of Nerds. Continue reading “Foray into Cosplay!”

Nerducating Jon – Episode 3


Lesson 3: Dispelling Jon’s Beliefs about Dungeons and Dragons

In this episode we tackle the apex of nerdom: Dungeons and Dragons. Myles and Kathryn find out just how little Jon knows about D&D and prepare him for his first foray into the magical and fantastic world of imagination.

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