Foray into Cosplay!

Last week was the big Cosplay Ball!

Of nerdy things, Cosplay is the one interest that probably aligns most closely to my other interests (*wink, nudge*). So, I thought this would be a fun time and a learning experience to share on Flock of Nerds.

Having been a much more ornate specimen in the past, I was quite used to the idea of getting all dressed up for a night out. We both had that day off work, so we actually spent some time roaming around looking for accoutrement to add to our costumes.

Oh right. Our costumes. Deciding what to go as is a very big decision! Not having a lot of disposable income definitely limited our choices and forced us to use our imagination. FORCED US! Eventually, what we came up with might not have been the most creative theme…but it worked quite nicely for us.

We decided on Pirates. No specific pirates. Just swashbucklin’ badasses of the seas.

jon_pirateAdmittedly, I had a bit more of a rockstar look about me, but hey. Trusty sidekick added some flame makeup because, yarrrr…why not!


And looking thus, we set sail from the calm seas of suburbia into the wilds of Cosplay downtown…

The event was fun. I’m not going to say it was overwhelmingly awesome or anything, but we had a good time. There were a couple interesting performances with fire and a suspended cube. There were also some pretty bland burlesque performances.

But what I was really wondering was “what kind of music do nerds listen to when they go out dancing?”

Apparently, Korn. And Linkin Park. And Bell Biv Devoe? The music was mostly 90s stuff. Fun, a bit silly. When a DJ throws that kind of mix up I inevitably get a little loopy and work hard to make Trusty Sidekick laugh with my moves. Don’t get me wrong, they are slick-ass-moves. She just thinks they’re also rather humorous.

But what we were really there to see were the costumes! I’ve always seen lots of pics from Cons and Expos and all those magical nerd places. I thought we might see some amazing costumes!

Well, we saw some really good ones. We saw lots who were on the same level as us. We saw lots of people (mostly dudes) with Batman or Superman t-shirts on. And we saw lots of people who didn’t come in costume at all. That was a bit disappointing. You can check some out here.

Now, I get it. That weekend is full of events, and this was just one. Nerds might have been too tired to come out. Maybe they were just too nerdy to come out. Maybe what I’ve seen on websites is the best of the best of the best and everyone else falls into average.

But like I said, it was fun. It was a good night out. We laughed, we looked at some neat people.

I think I even got a bit of nerducation.

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