Insert Quarter—High Score!

I recently had the opportunity to visit one of my favourite places in the world: The Balm Beach Arcade. After having mentioned this hallowed video gaming ground in our first edition of Nerducating Jon, I was really looking forward to my annual visit. Every summer I visit Midland, Ontario (as I have my entire life) and these days I always take my kids and niece and nephew for a day at the beach and some fun with the games.


The youngsters all flock to the Deal or No Deal games because they can win tickets to cash in for cheesy plastic trinkets. Very expensive hunks of crap, but they have plenty of fun nonetheless.

I, on the other hand, sought our whatever games I could that a) had a joystick and b) only cost 25 cents (I gave most of my money to the kids). Those four games above were the only ones I found, so I settled on the classic Galaga.

Even though it had been, possibly, decades since I last played this game, I was confident I could beat the high score. Okay, true enough, the high score was really low. But still, I did beat it!


Too bad I didn’t get to insert my initials. My name always fit so well in those 3 character lists of scores.


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