MTG Deck Techs by Kathryn: Modern Burn

So, for some bizarre reason, Myles asked me what I thought of his deck list as he prepared to enter his first Modern tournament. I was pretty confused as to why he would want my pretty useless opinion, but I offered it up anyway.

 Creatures (19)
WTF is an Eidolon?!??!

4x Goblin Guide
4x Vexing Devil
3x Rakdos Cackler
3x Eidolon of the Great Revel
2x Grim Lavamancer
1x Goblin Bushwhacker
2x Keldon Marauders

 Spells (21)

 1x Shard Volley
4x Lava Spike
4x Lightning Bolt
4x Rift Bolt
4x Boros Charm
2x Molten Rain
2x Skullcrack

 Lands (20)

4x Scalding Tarn
4x Arid Mesa
4x Sacred Foundry
8x Mountain

My first thought is: it’s all red!! Not a single green card in there…and no white??!? That is just ugly. I guess if you want it to be all red, then you are going for fast beats to the face right outta the gate. But, green and white is more elegant from a visual perspective…that’s what you’re going for, right? The prettiness factor? Maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, cacklers and bushwhackers seem pretty reasonable – kinda like a ragtag bunch of carnies – and, if things go awry, you’ve got the guides who probably know their way around the battlefield and can get you out of a bind. The marauders and devils are a bit more worrisome, though. Whenever you introduce a group of individuals who are *ahem* hell-bent on raiding and pillaging, or being irksome and annoying, you run the risk of disturbing the dynamics of your team. Just be wary, is all I’m saying.

I have no idea what an “Eidolon” is and why it insists on associating itself with the “Great Revel”. Bold move, bordering on cocky. Let’s hope it can back up these claims when actually put to the test.

Now, let’s take a look at the spells, shall we? Oh boy. This sounds like some real “end of the world” sh**. Lava, lightning, molten rain, rifts…pretty grim stuff. And when you consider the lands you’re playing – arid mesas, scalding tarns, and sacred foundries – you really paint a lovely picture, don’t you? All hot, and melty…no wonder they call this “burn”.

Also, Shard Volley = gross. You don’t want to know what I’m picturing…

Perhaps the charm is the only ray of sunshine in this fiery landscape. Although, I don’t know what it does so it could actually be even worse than a ‘skullcrack’, which sounds pretty awful and painful.

You sir, are a sadist.


Kathryn “Selesnya 4 Life” Song

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