Flock Talk Episode 1 – NES Classic Edition

It’s the very first episode of Flock Talk, with Kathryn, Chris and Myles! In this episode we delve into the Nintendo Classic conundrum: to buy, or not to buy?

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FoN Excursion: The Barrie Game Exchange

Barrie Game Exchange

I’m starting to realize that when there is a retro video game event in Ontario and it uses the words, “Swap” or “Exchange”, they are there purely for trickery. A ruse to lure naive amateurs into thinking they can bring their copies of NHL ’13 on PlayStation 3 and walk out with Smash Bros. That’s not going to happen. Continue reading “FoN Excursion: The Barrie Game Exchange”

Twilight Imperium Third Edition: The Review

There’s something about anthropomorphic lions that gets me every time.

Why review Twilight Imperium Third Edition? It has been out for a long time, it appeals to a very select niche, and it’s unreasonably huge. This game is a monster. Remember how, as a child, you wanted your board games to come alive? Continue reading “Twilight Imperium Third Edition: The Review”

String Railway: The Review

It really IS full of string and takes 20 minutes! What more could you want?

I finally got a chance to get my hands on a copy of String Railway last month, and have played it a whole bunch. This is going to be a pretty short review- I love String Railway. Continue reading “String Railway: The Review”

Star Wars: Armada- The Review

Peekaboo! The box insert is probably great for selling boxes, and really terrible for the entire time you actually own the thing.

Life gets busy, and games you buy on release day sometimes sit around for weeks, taunting you with their large peek-a-boo panels. They reveal beautiful star ships encased in plastic, waiting for you to fiddle with their bits. This is what happened with Star Wars: Armada. Continue reading “Star Wars: Armada- The Review”