Party Games Month: Telestrations


Confession: I have not played Telestrations. I mean, I have played Telestrations, but I haven’t played the game that comes inside that box above. I haven’t read the rules of Telestrations, but I have played the game. I can’t tell you if Telestrations, the Board Game, is any good. If you came here for that, I’m very sorry. Stick around though, because I can review the game that I have played, and it’s incredible and it’s pretty much Telestrations.

Here’s how I’ve played Telestrations in the past: Get some paper, cut it into quadrants so that each piece is the same size. Put a big ole’ staple in the top so that you can rifle through the pages. OR, you could get some notepads – same deal. Use as many papers as there are people in the party. Take one of these notepads/pseudo-notepads. Write anything you want on it. Pass it to the person on the left. If you get passed a written phrase, you have to draw, on the following page, a picture of the phrase that was passed to you. If you get passed a picture, you have to write a phrase, on the following page, of the picture that was passed to you. Got that? You’re alternating drawing and describing. Eventually everyone will get their notepad back. You each then go through the drawings and descriptions, laughing at the ridiculousness of what has happened.

Now you know what’s going on. You’re a smart person and this looks simple right?


I think the board game comes with really nice spiral notepads that would make the game easier to play. There’s a scoring system, which is completely antithetical to the spirit of the game. If you’ve played this a few times and want to implement a scoring system, maybe this kind of thing isn’t for you. Maybe you’re the worst- I don’t know- we haven’t met yet.

The point of this game is madness. This game is at it’s worst when the book comes back and it is essentially the same drawing over and over again, being described the same way over and over again. This game is at its BEST when you have a lot of creative people, willing to let things go off the rails. There is a lot of fun to be had when you realize that someone tried hard to draw something and failed miserably, or was given a picasso and was able to figure out what was actually going on.

This is an example of an example that doesn’t convey the reasons why this game is great.


This has become my favourite party game. Put away all that stuff you bought. Go home, Cards Against Humanity, with your pre-scripted, “been there, done that” jokes. Stay away from me Dirty Bag O’ Nouns with your non-sequitors and genital stuff. Die in a fire Two Rooms and a Boom (I think that’s the point). Telestrations, the cobbled together game from stuff in your house, is my favourite party game.

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