Star Wars: Armada- The Review

Peekaboo! The box insert is probably great for selling boxes, and really terrible for the entire time you actually own the thing.

Life gets busy, and games you buy on release day sometimes sit around for weeks, taunting you with their large peek-a-boo panels. They reveal beautiful star ships encased in plastic, waiting for you to fiddle with their bits. This is what happened with Star Wars: Armada. Continue reading “Star Wars: Armada- The Review”

Miniature Games- A final overview!

NdEziI’ve done a cursory look at the Games Workshop Games (or at least 40k), X-Wing and Attack Wing. These are generally the games I’ve played up to now, but I thought I’d take a look at some of the other miniature games and give my initial thoughts on them. Continue reading “Miniature Games- A final overview!”