String Railway: The Review

It really IS full of string and takes 20 minutes! What more could you want?

I finally got a chance to get my hands on a copy of String Railway last month, and have played it a whole bunch. This is going to be a pretty short review- I love String Railway. Continue reading “String Railway: The Review”

Dominion: The Review

The Best Game that I'm not too excited about...
The Best Game that I’m not too excited about…

Dominion hit the board game world like a ton of bricks. It basically invented a new kind of board game: Deck Building. Dominion has had a huge influence on card games, and has opened up new design space that other designers have explored. Sure, you were able to build decks in Magic: The Gathering for years, but it was never the actual game. You see, good deck building in M:tG is a DAUNTING task for new players. Continue reading “Dominion: The Review”

Dead of Winter: The Review

Game of the Year? You bet!

Dead of Winter is a cooperative board game most of the time. Does that mean it is semi-cooperative? No, not really. It has a betrayer mechanic, which is great because it raises a lot of doubts, but the genius behind Dead of Winter is the inclusion of self-interested goals. That’s where this game takes a leap past something like Pandemic or like some of the other board games with betrayer mechanics; everyone playing is, in some small way, a betrayer, and you’ve still, for the most part, got to work together. Continue reading “Dead of Winter: The Review”