Top 10 Favourite Nerdy Thing #1


So here we have it! Our favourite nerdy thing of 2014!!!

Our Number 1: Starting Flock of Nerds!!

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Labyrinth: The War on Terror- The Review

I hope you like feeling like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back!

Have you played Twilight Struggle? Do you feel like you want to spend some time playing the same game in the modern world? Of course you do, you’re a fun and interesting person with a lot of opinions about the state of the world since 2001. Well, I’ve got a game for you. In all honesty, Labyrinth is a lot like Twilight Struggle where it counts, and a bit different in interesting ways. Continue reading “Labyrinth: The War on Terror- The Review”

Dice Town: The Review

Not only is it fun, but the theme is spot on!
Not only is it fun, but the theme is spot on!

Well hello there and welcome to yet ANOTHER board game review on Flock of Nerds! Today I’m going to be reviewing a game that not too many people play and it’s a complete shame. It’s also a really easy game to get your non-board game friends into! It is the rather blandly named DICETOWN! Continue reading “Dice Town: The Review”