Star Wars: Armada- The Review

Peekaboo! The box insert is probably great for selling boxes, and really terrible for the entire time you actually own the thing.

Life gets busy, and games you buy on release day sometimes sit around for weeks, taunting you with their large peek-a-boo panels. They reveal beautiful star ships encased in plastic, waiting for you to fiddle with their bits. This is what happened with Star Wars: Armada. Continue reading “Star Wars: Armada- The Review”

Alchemists: A Review

There’s a nice touch in this picture- the student is trying to jump out the window!

I made my friends play Alchemists with me. We headed to 401 Games in Toronto, went into their nice new board game space, and opened the box. It was filled with fantastic little bits, colourful tiles and many, many tokens. I downloaded the App (!) and started to read the rules so that I could explain the game. Continue reading “Alchemists: A Review”

Cosmic Encounter: The Review

You had me at “Hammerhead Alien with a Snail on its Head!”


I feel like I have only scratched the surface with Cosmic Encounter. I’ve only just recently been able to play a game, but I can say unequivocally that it is a game that works so well, that it is recommended that you just go out and buy it. Continue reading “Cosmic Encounter: The Review”

Chris’ Guide to talking Board Games like a pro!

LARPING! The Ninth Circle of Gaming Hell!
LARPING! The Ninth Circle of Gaming Hell!


Today, I’m going to take a break from talking about board games so that I can teach YOU how to talk about board games! There’s a lot of terminology that we take for granted and I realized that I don’t really define my terms all that well. Get ready! This is going to be… Dictionary-esque! Don’t take these definitions as the end all and be all! If you really disagree with me, let me know! Continue reading “Chris’ Guide to talking Board Games like a pro!”