Flock Talk Episode 6 – Gaming Aspirations

In this episode of Flock Talk, Chris, Myles and Kathryn discuss their various gaming aspirations – from being a professional Magic: the Gathering player, to being a completionist, or to just ‘git gud’.

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Twilight Imperium Third Edition: The Review

There’s something about anthropomorphic lions that gets me every time.

Why review Twilight Imperium Third Edition? It has been out for a long time, it appeals to a very select niche, and it’s unreasonably huge. This game is a monster. Remember how, as a child, you wanted your board games to come alive? Continue reading “Twilight Imperium Third Edition: The Review”

King of Tokyo: The Review

COLOUR AND LIFE! Look at that box art? This game is something special.

If I were to be asked who is my favourite game designer, I’d have to answer Richard Garfield. I don’t think there’s any individual that has had more influence over my leisure time than Mr. Garfield. I got really into Magic: The Gathering when I was about 11 years old, and it has been a mainstay of my gaming time. Continue reading “King of Tokyo: The Review”

Last Will: The Review

A Solid Gold House!

As I’ve gotten older and wiser to the intricacies of Board Gaming, I’m finding that I need more theme in my games. If you’ve read my review on Dominion, you’ll remember that I didn’t like it because it was a game that could have been about anything – the theme wasn’t very important. Continue reading “Last Will: The Review”

Sheriff of Nottingham: The Review


He’s such a smug jerk.

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