Tales of the Arabian Nights: The Review

The artwork in this game is almost worth the price alone- so evocative.

Tales of the Arabian Nights is unlike anything I’ve ever played. It is obviously a labour of love that seems like it was a herculean task to create. I picture the writer of the Book of Tales trapped in a dungeon by an evil Vizier, ready to be killed at a whim, his life only being prolonged by his constant insistence that he’s almost done writing the book. Continue reading “Tales of the Arabian Nights: The Review”

Star Trek Catan: The Review

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Der ist ein Starshipzen!

This week, I thought I’d review a game that I’ve had for a while, but don’t get to play all that often on account of my game group having moved on from Settlers of Catan. Has your game group also moved on? Does the once loved trading game now occupy a spot on your shelf gathering dust along with your old copy of Puerto Rico and that Diplomacy board you never get to use (on account of the unleashing of evil)? Continue reading “Star Trek Catan: The Review”

Cash N’ Guns: The Review


What does it say about our culture that a game about guns, featuring toy foam guns, has to ensure that there are orange tips at the front of the guns? There’s not a whole lot to say except that the orange tips fulfill a two-fold role. Firstly, it sort of keeps children from getting shot, and secondly, it makes sure banks don’t get robbed by foam-toting thieves. Continue reading “Cash N’ Guns: The Review”

X-Wing Miniatures Game: A Review

TLDR: It’s good- very good


It has become a nerd cliche that every nerd has to be madly in love with Star Wars. It has permeated our culture to such a degree that whenever a television show or movie wants you to really appreciate the awkward nerdiness of a character they will inevitably make a Star Wars reference that is meant to highlight the years that they have spent in the basement, watching and re watching the films, obsessing over the books and generally being a super fan. These references are generally grating, and ultimately hollow. Continue reading “X-Wing Miniatures Game: A Review”

Party Games Month: Telestrations


Confession: I have not played Telestrations. I mean, I have played Telestrations, but I haven’t played the game that comes inside that box above. I haven’t read the rules of Telestrations, but I have played the game. I can’t tell you if Telestrations, the Board Game, is any good. If you came here for that, I’m very sorry. Stick around though, because I can review the game that I have played, and it’s incredible and it’s pretty much Telestrations. Continue reading “Party Games Month: Telestrations”