January is Party Games Month: Cards Against Humanity

The box is really sleek. I appreciate the font.

What makes a good party game? First of all, it should probably be explainable in 5 minutes – when you’re hanging out with a big group of people, you need to play something that can be learned quickly and is easy to remember. Getting 10 people to do anything is like herding cats. Secondly, you need something that engages every player, and is fun for all types of people. Continue reading “January is Party Games Month: Cards Against Humanity”

Android: Netrunner- The Review

To be honest, it didn’t need this large a box…

Cyberpunk dystopia, evil corporate conglomerates hell bent on controlling the soul of humanity, matrix-style hackers that are looking to expose the high end machinations of the super-elite, and WAY too much specific terminology all add up to one of the best card games I’ve ever played. Jesus Christ, this game. Continue reading “Android: Netrunner- The Review”

7 Wonders: The Review

They got them all on the box art! ALL 7! HOLY!

Today I’m going to be reviewing one of my favourite games, 7 Wonders. 7 Wonders is a fantastic game that takes another element of limited M:tG and makes it into an entire game. In this instance, it isn’t deck building, but drafting. Continue reading “7 Wonders: The Review”