Top 10 Favourite Nerdy Things #3


Hello!! We hope you all had a great holiday and that you are gearing up for New Year festivities!! Here at Flock of Nerds, we are jumping back into our top 10 favourite nerdy things of 2014, with my #3 pick…

Kathryn’s Number 3: Live Escape Games

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Flockin’ Around: China Warrior

In this episode, Myles and Kathryn take another crack at their Turbo Grafx 16 and see what all this China Warrior fuss is about. Can Myles and Kathryn defeat a series of sinister monks? Will they be able to dodge some poorly thrown sticks and rapid fire dirt clods? TUNE IN AND FIND OUT! Continue reading “Flockin’ Around: China Warrior”

Flockin’ Around: Mario Kart 8

In this episode of Flockin’ Around, Kathryn and Myles race one another in the prestigious Flower Cup Grand Prix, driving the latest technology in automobiles that Mercedes-Benz has to offer. Myles plays the role of Morton, while Kathryn tries her luck with Donkey Kong. Continue reading “Flockin’ Around: Mario Kart 8”

Khans of Tarkir Gameday at Meeplemart


A few months ago we celebrated M15 Gameday and I won my first playmat ever. I mean, I have a stack of playmats. I have enough playmats to outfit every supporter of the Sultai clan (12 playmats total), but this M15 Gameday playmat was the first one I ever WON. That means a lot to me. I like trophies. I want to be buried with every trophy I’ve earned in my life. They’re all coming with me.

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Flockin’ Around: Mystic Quest (Part 2)

In this episode of Flockin’ Around, Kathryn and Myles continue with Final Fantasy Mystic Quest for SNES!! Stuz, having recently leveled up a few levels grinding in the battlefields, is about to enter THE BONE DUNGEON.

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