Miniature Games- A final overview!

NdEziI’ve done a cursory look at the Games Workshop Games (or at least 40k), X-Wing and Attack Wing. These are generally the games I’ve played up to now, but I thought I’d take a look at some of the other miniature games and give my initial thoughts on them. Continue reading “Miniature Games- A final overview!”

Star Trek: Attack Wing: A review

download (1)First things first- remember last week and the review of X-Wing: The Miniatures Game? Remember when I described how to play the game? That’s how you play this game. Pretty much, word for word. There are some differences in terms of game play (ships can “cloak” (Star Trek invisibility) and they can do some other things), but it’s mechanically pretty much the same. The devil, however, is in the details, and Star Trek: Attack Wing has a lot of problems. Continue reading “Star Trek: Attack Wing: A review”

X-Wing Miniatures Game: A Review

TLDR: It’s good- very good


It has become a nerd cliche that every nerd has to be madly in love with Star Wars. It has permeated our culture to such a degree that whenever a television show or movie wants you to really appreciate the awkward nerdiness of a character they will inevitably make a Star Wars reference that is meant to highlight the years that they have spent in the basement, watching and re watching the films, obsessing over the books and generally being a super fan. These references are generally grating, and ultimately hollow. Continue reading “X-Wing Miniatures Game: A Review”

Warhammer 40k: The Review


Why bother doing a review of Warhammer 40k? If you’re interested in it, you’ve probably already sought out the multitude of websites devoted to the “hobby”. I thought, instead of a review of whatever mechanics may be in place now, I’d give you some insights into why I think Warhammer 40k is both one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had, and also one of the worst. Continue reading “Warhammer 40k: The Review”