Flockin’ Around: Pictionary (NES)

It’s Party Game month at Flock of Nerds, so Kathryn and Myles thought they should try out Pictionary for NES. Is the video game as good as the actual board game? Watch to find out! Continue reading “Flockin’ Around: Pictionary (NES)”

Flockin’ Around: Narc

In this episode of Flockin’ Around, Kathryn and Myles decide to clean up the streets! Myles might say a few things that are untrue (like, the bit about the game having the most colour, in its time – that was actually the arcade version), but he means well. Also, apologies to Antoine Fuqua. Continue reading “Flockin’ Around: Narc”

Flockin’ Around: City Connection

In this episode of Flockin’ Around, it takes Kathryn and Myles a REALLY long time to figure out the object of the game. If it was just about finding the cat, we’d be on the City Connection pro circuit…*sigh* Continue reading “Flockin’ Around: City Connection”

Flockin’ Around – Anticipation

Myles and Kathryn finally get their shit together and play some video games in their new series, Flockin’ Around!!

Up first? Anticipation for NES!!! Continue reading “Flockin’ Around – Anticipation”