Flock Talk Episode 8 – Party Games

In this episode of Flock Talk, Chris, Myles, and Kathryn celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial by talking about Party Games – the good, the bad, and the FUTURE. Continue reading “Flock Talk Episode 8 – Party Games”

Flockin’ Around: Mario Party – Part 1 (N64)

For our final week of Party Game month at Flock of Nerds, we go back, waaaay back to the original Mario Party for N64!! See how Kathryn does her first time ever using a Nintendo 64 controller! Continue reading “Flockin’ Around: Mario Party – Part 1 (N64)”

Party Games Month: Telestrations


Confession: I have not played Telestrations. I mean, I have played Telestrations, but I haven’t played the game that comes inside that box above. I haven’t read the rules of Telestrations, but I have played the game. I can’t tell you if Telestrations, the Board Game, is any good. If you came here for that, I’m very sorry. Stick around though, because I can review the game that I have played, and it’s incredible and it’s pretty much Telestrations. Continue reading “Party Games Month: Telestrations”

Flockin’ Around: Crash Bash – Part 3

More Crash Bash with Kathryn and Myles! Things are getting trickier for them in Warp Zone 2 – can they come out on top?? Watch and find out! Continue reading “Flockin’ Around: Crash Bash – Part 3”

Flockin’ Around: Crash Bash – Part 2

Kathryn and Myles continue with Crash Bash for Party Games month at Flock of Nerds. Watch them take on the great PAPU! Continue reading “Flockin’ Around: Crash Bash – Part 2”