Flockin’ Around: Crash Bash – Part 1

Check out Kathryn and Myles as they play what might be their favourite multiplayer “party” game of all time – CRASH BASH!! Continue reading “Flockin’ Around: Crash Bash – Part 1”

Party Games Month: Two Rooms and a Boom

tworooms wide2
Easy to learn and over in 15 minutes- GREAT!


Over the holidays, I attended a party and was asked if I had any fun party games to bring on over. Given that there were going to be about 15 people at this event, I knew I needed something that scaled well. We’ve played Dirty Bag O’ Nouns before, but I wanted something different. Continue reading “Party Games Month: Two Rooms and a Boom”

Flockin’ Around: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

IT’S A SONY PARTY! Get some friends together and beat the snot out of each other using everyone’s favourite characters from all the classic single-player Playstation games.

Do you think it is even possible for Sony to come out with a second part to this franchise? Let us know in the comments! Continue reading “Flockin’ Around: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale”

Flockin’ Around: Twisted Metal (PS3)

Party month continues with Kathryn and Myles as they commit vehicular manslaughter in the multiplayer mode of TWISTED METAL for the PS3!

Continue reading “Flockin’ Around: Twisted Metal (PS3)”

Party Games Month: Dirty Bag O’ Nouns

I found this image on Google. It is appropriate for the game. Perhaps you should go and buy one?


Since it’s party games month, I figure it’s time to tell you all about my favourite party game: Dirty Bag O’ Nouns. Do you have a bag? Do you have some paper and (not necessary) some scissors? Great! You have the game. Don’t say I don’t have your best interests at heart. Continue reading “Party Games Month: Dirty Bag O’ Nouns”