Flockin’ Around: Boom Blox (Wii)

Jaws, ET, Jurassic Park, Boom Blox – Steven Spielberg just can’t stop making BLOCKBUSTERS! Amirite?

Boom Blox is a party game where up to four players can throw balls at blocks, shoot blocks or pick up blocks in a NO-BLOCKS-BARRED tournament of block-knockin’. Who will come out on top in this very special episode of BLOCKIN’ AROUND??? Continue reading “Flockin’ Around: Boom Blox (Wii)”

Flockin’ Around: Pictionary (NES)

It’s Party Game month at Flock of Nerds, so Kathryn and Myles thought they should try out Pictionary for NES. Is the video game as good as the actual board game? Watch to find out! Continue reading “Flockin’ Around: Pictionary (NES)”

January is Party Games Month: Cards Against Humanity

The box is really sleek. I appreciate the font.

What makes a good party game? First of all, it should probably be explainable in 5 minutes – when you’re hanging out with a big group of people, you need to play something that can be learned quickly and is easy to remember. Getting 10 people to do anything is like herding cats. Secondly, you need something that engages every player, and is fun for all types of people. Continue reading “January is Party Games Month: Cards Against Humanity”

The Resistance: Avalon- The Review

The box art is a bit meh. Why didn’t they just put Merlin on the cover?

The Resistance is unlike any board game you’ve ever played in that:

a) it plays a lot differently than most of your other board games;

b) anyone can play this game- even people who couldn’t care LESS about your stacks and stacks of Japanese Card Games. Continue reading “The Resistance: Avalon- The Review”

Flockin’ Around: City Connection

In this episode of Flockin’ Around, it takes Kathryn and Myles a REALLY long time to figure out the object of the game. If it was just about finding the cat, we’d be on the City Connection pro circuit…*sigh* Continue reading “Flockin’ Around: City Connection”