Flock Talk Episode 2 – Best Gaming Moments 2016

Flock of Nerds ring in the new year by discussing some of their favourite gaming moments from 2016. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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FoN Excursion: The Barrie Game Exchange

Barrie Game Exchange

I’m starting to realize that when there is a retro video game event in Ontario and it uses the words, “Swap” or “Exchange”, they are there purely for trickery. A ruse to lure naive amateurs into thinking they can bring their copies of NHL ’13 on PlayStation 3 and walk out with Smash Bros. That’s not going to happen. Continue reading “FoN Excursion: The Barrie Game Exchange”

FoN Excursion: Waterloo Video Game Swap

Waterloo Video Game SwapFlock of Nerds and Party Play Gaming joined forces and journeyed to Waterloo for the highly-regarded Waterloo Video Game Swap at RIM Park last weekend. It was just as incredible as we thought it would be, which is saying a lot, since we had heard a lot about the event and people were getting dangerously close to ‘over-hyping’ it. Continue reading “FoN Excursion: Waterloo Video Game Swap”

Flockin’ Around: Crash Bash – Part 3

More Crash Bash with Kathryn and Myles! Things are getting trickier for them in Warp Zone 2 – can they come out on top?? Watch and find out! Continue reading “Flockin’ Around: Crash Bash – Part 3”

Flockin’ Around: Crash Bash – Part 2

Kathryn and Myles continue with Crash Bash for Party Games month at Flock of Nerds. Watch them take on the great PAPU! Continue reading “Flockin’ Around: Crash Bash – Part 2”