String Railway: The Review

It really IS full of string and takes 20 minutes! What more could you want?

I finally got a chance to get my hands on a copy of String Railway last month, and have played it a whole bunch. This is going to be a pretty short review- I love String Railway. Continue reading “String Railway: The Review”

Last Will: The Review

A Solid Gold House!

As I’ve gotten older and wiser to the intricacies of Board Gaming, I’m finding that I need more theme in my games. If you’ve read my review on Dominion, you’ll remember that I didn’t like it because it was a game that could have been about anything – the theme wasn’t very important. Continue reading “Last Will: The Review”

Why it’s Terrible: Magic: The Gathering

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Okay. Calm down. I know, you LOVE Magic and know in your heart of hearts that Magic is the best thing since sliced bananas. I love Magic too… but it’s TERRIBLE! Let’s get to why I think you can spend your gaming dollar elsewhere! Continue reading “Why it’s Terrible: Magic: The Gathering”

Why it’s Terrible: Risk

The mechanics are about as dated as this picture!
The mechanics are about as dated as this picture!

This week’s review of Diplomacy hinted at my deep love of war games but they’re the kind of game that people don’t want to touch with a ten foot pole. The sad fact is that war games have a pretty bad reputation as being mathy, wonky and very complicated, but I think that the real reason people stay away from them is because of conflict. Continue reading “Why it’s Terrible: Risk”