Star Trek Catan: The Review

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Der ist ein Starshipzen!

This week, I thought I’d review a game that I’ve had for a while, but don’t get to play all that often on account of my game group having moved on from Settlers of Catan. Has your game group also moved on? Does the once loved trading game now occupy a spot on your shelf gathering dust along with your old copy of Puerto Rico and that Diplomacy board you never get to use (on account of the unleashing of evil)? Continue reading “Star Trek Catan: The Review”

A Flock Tribute to Spock

SpockI will start off by saying that I am not a “Trekkie”, or whatever Star Trek fans like to refer to themselves as these days. But, I am no less saddened by the news of Leonard Nimoy’s passing. I grew up watching the original movies, and even saw the fourth (not-so-great) one in the theatre. While I was never quite taken by the show itself, I always loved Spock. He was, to me, the most interesting and memorable character. Continue reading “A Flock Tribute to Spock”

Top 10 Favourite Nerdy Things #7


Chris’ Number 7: 6 Month Long Star Trek: Attack Wing Tournament


In the early part of the year, I started playing Star Trek: Attack Wing. If you don’t know, it’s a miniatures game based in the Star Trek universe that uses the same rules as X-Wing: Miniatures Game. I haven’t put up a review of either game yet, but suffice it to say that it inspired me to seek out new tournaments and hobby locations and boldly go where I hadn’t gone before.

Continue reading “Top 10 Favourite Nerdy Things #7”