World Magic Qualifier 2014 – Toronto, ON

On August 17TH, I played the biggest Magic: The Gathering Constructed tournament of my life and it was only a measly 280 players. However, these were the best players Canada had to offer. The likes of Alexander Hayne, Jacob Wilson, Pascal Maynard and Lucas Siow were in attendance. I was outmatched from the get-go, but this was the first Canadian World Magic Cup Qualifier of the year and everyone wanted a chance to win a spot on Team Canada 2014.

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FoN Excursion: Escape From The Mysterious Room

escape_logoAt random intervals over the past 48 hours, I have been doing one of 2 things: shaking my head while facepalming, or exclaiming out loud to no one in particular, “OMG, that was SO MUCH FUN!!” The reason? Escape From The Mysterious Room – Toronto!!! Continue reading “FoN Excursion: Escape From The Mysterious Room”

Are You Prepared for Battlegrounds?!


When I learned how to play Magic, the only place I could meet other Magic players was at school or the Flea Market.
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