Insert Quarter—High Score!

I recently had the opportunity to visit one of my favourite places in the world: The Balm Beach Arcade. After having mentioned this hallowed video gaming ground in our first edition of Nerducating Jon, I was really looking forward to my annual visit. Continue reading “Insert Quarter—High Score!”

The C64 Games That Started It All

If you listened to the first podcast, you will have discovered that the first video games that I ever played were on the Commodore 64. You will also know that I am an admittedly terrible video game player and that both of my older sisters were really good gamers who have since outgrown that particular pastime. Continue reading “The C64 Games That Started It All”

Nerducating Jon: Episode 1


And so it begins…Kathryn and Myles have decided to ‘nerducate’ Jon, but only because he asked!

Lesson 1: A brief introduction to video games

In this inaugural episode we talk about The World of Warcraft, retro gaming, the futility of trophy-collecting, and urinary incontinence.

Continue reading “Nerducating Jon: Episode 1”