Flockin’ Around: Boom Blox (Wii)

Jaws, ET, Jurassic Park, Boom Blox – Steven Spielberg just can’t stop making BLOCKBUSTERS! Amirite?

Boom Blox is a party game where up to four players can throw balls at blocks, shoot blocks or pick up blocks in a NO-BLOCKS-BARRED tournament of block-knockin’. Who will come out on top in this very special episode of BLOCKIN’ AROUND??? Continue reading “Flockin’ Around: Boom Blox (Wii)”

Top 10 Favourite Nerdy Things #6


Kathryn’s Number 6: Earning My First (and then Second) Platinum Trophy


I will begin this post with my usual disclaimer regarding my video gaming skills: I am not good at video games. I’m terrible at basic gaming skills like jumping or aiming and shooting or navigating (I get lost a LOT). But, I’m not too bad at puzzle-solving and button-mashing, which is probably why I love LEGO games. Continue reading “Top 10 Favourite Nerdy Things #6”