Flock Talk Episode 6 – Gaming Aspirations

In this episode of Flock Talk, Chris, Myles and Kathryn discuss their various gaming aspirations – from being a professional Magic: the Gathering player, to being a completionist, or to just ‘git gud’.

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Why It’s Terrible: Trivial Pursuit

Classics never go out of style, they just fade… and gather dust

Everyone has a copy of this in a basement somewhere. It’s gathering dust next to old grip strengtheners and a half eaten copy of Atlas Shrugged. Venture forth into your basement and dust this off and you will see all the fun that your parents had in the 80s! Talk to them about what life was like before Google, when their friends would eat books and compete to see who had the biggest forearms. The 80’s were crazeballs. Continue reading “Why It’s Terrible: Trivial Pursuit”

Nerducating Jon: Episode 1


And so it begins…Kathryn and Myles have decided to ‘nerducate’ Jon, but only because he asked!

Lesson 1: A brief introduction to video games

In this inaugural episode we talk about The World of Warcraft, retro gaming, the futility of trophy-collecting, and urinary incontinence.

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