The Day of the Dragons

The Dragons of Tarkir have arrived and they are SUPER ANGRY. The Prerelease for the final set in the Khans of Tarkir block happened last weekend and it was a great time. Wizards have finally found a successful way to handle seeded packs in Prerelease kits. They are getting closer to creating an appropriate mini-game as a side event as well. These things make Prereleases feel special and unique compared to an average Limited event at your local store.

I chose to play as a proud supporter of the Ojutai (Azorious)…(White/Blue) and was pretty happy with my sealed pool. A&C Games hosted the event and Ken from Drunk Drafting was the judge! They were nice enough to let me document the event on video. If you’re curious about what Prereleases are like I highly recommend watching it.

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