Top 10 Favourite Nerdy Things #3


Hello!! We hope you all had a great holiday and that you are gearing up for New Year festivities!! Here at Flock of Nerds, we are jumping back into our top 10 favourite nerdy things of 2014, with my #3 pick…

Kathryn’s Number 3: Live Escape Games


Earlier this summer, Myles and I participated in our very first live escape game and became HOOKED. Failing to escape the room did nothing to diminish the pure rush and enjoyment of being IN a video game.

Luckily for us, living in Toronto provides no shortage of opportunities to feed this new addiction. Since attempting that first room, we have participated in 3 more games, and can now boast a 50% success rate (albeit, asterisked).

It might seem like we are too happy for a group of failures, but the smiles are real! The Time Travel Lab is a HOOT!!
It might seem like we are too happy for a group of failures, but the smiles are real! The Time Travel Lab is a HOOT!!

Seriously, folks, if you find yourself bored and with nothing to do, just gather up a few of your friends and try an escape room. They are so much fun! I cannot recommend Real Escape Games – Escape from the Mysterious Room and Escape from the Time Travel Lab – highly enough. They are the most polished games of the ones we have played (and coincidentally the 2 we have failed), and we will definitely try any volume that they bring to Toronto.

I have slowly been compiling a list of all the different rooms I want to try (and there are A LOT)…2015 is going to be PACKED with live escape game goodness. I can’t wait!!!

Rooms we have attempted:


Myserious Room


The most challenging and exciting room, probably because it was our first. You never forget your first…





Our first small room at EscapeZone. There were five of us and we escaped the room in the allotted time. Our first success!!! With an extra 15 minutes, we also completed the bonus puzzle. 🙂



Time Travel Lab

Another failed attempt but, thematically, the most fun game we’ve played. It has a higher success rate than The Mysterious Room, and we were literally one step away from solving the room. So close!!!




trapped zombie

This is our asterisked success because we didn’t escape quite the way we were meant to. We were really looking forward to the added stress of having a zombie in the room but, let’s just say our zombie was a bit lacklustre (to be kind) and the room was far too small for 12 people. I recommend you skip this room and just do the Time Travel Lab.


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