Top 10 Favourite Nerdy Things #4


Chris’ Number 4: The Grand Budapest Hotel


If there’s a filmmaker these days that I get nerdy about, it’s Wes Anderson. There’s SO MUCH going on in every shot, from the symmetries, to the background details, to the characters and their interaction. It doesn’t really matter what kind of film he’s made, I’m going to go and see it.

the-grand-budapest-hotel-uk-quad-posterHow happy was I then, that his latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, was one of his best films in a long time? Very. Things have taken a turn since The Royal Tenenbaums, seemed to have righted themselves with The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and then went a bit off the rails again with Moonrise Kingdom. The films in between are all still fine (The Darjeeling Limited can go back India for all I care), but it really felt like Mr. Anderson was running on empty, focusing more on style over substance.


The Grand Budapest Hotel is whimsical, funny and sad. It’s my favourite film of the year and is a return to grand form for Anderson.

Oh, also the Lego Movie- HOLY SHIT AMIRITE? Where did that come from? Who thought that would be any good?

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