Top 10 Favourite Nerdy Things #6


Kathryn’s Number 6: Earning My First (and then Second) Platinum Trophy


I will begin this post with my usual disclaimer regarding my video gaming skills: I am not good at video games. I’m terrible at basic gaming skills like jumping or aiming and shooting or navigating (I get lost a LOT). But, I’m not too bad at puzzle-solving and button-mashing, which is probably why I love LEGO games.

They are the only games that I would actually say I’m “good” at…not because of my skills, but because of my dedication. The first LEGO Indiana Jones game for Wii was the very first game I completed 100%. I can’t describe how satisfying it was to finish the game and be rewarded with a shower of studs and hearts.

But, when we got our PS3, I discovered a whole new way to feed my OCD – TROPHIES! I, personally, enjoy hearing the little PS trophy chime while I’m playing a game, notifying me of a newly unlocked trophy.

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I know that some people feel differently about the notification, arguing that it removes you from the game, but I always perk up a bit when I unlock a trophy, because it’s almost always a surprise. When I first accessed my trophy progress on the Playstation network, I discovered that each game has a pretty elusive “Platinum” trophy that you only unlock by achieving all other trophies in the game, and I WANTED ONE.

I had inadvertently come close with The Last Testament of Sherlock Holmes (more puzzles!!!), reaching 98% completion. Sadly, Myles traded in my game (with my permission) for GTA5 before I knew about the trophy list and how very close I was to getting that platinum trophy. 🙁

so close

So, knowing that I was capable of completing a LEGO game, I set my sights on LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, which was the only LEGO game that Myles would actually play with me. He didn’t really like playing the story mode, but he DID like unlocking characters in the city and, with over 100 playable characters, I really appreciated his help. I was also REALLY bad at the flying challenges (see previous disclaimer), so he picked up all of those ones for me, too.

After a few months of playing off and on, we finally unlocked everything in the game, and achieved 100%…but NOT the platinum trophy! Thank goodness for that trophy list, though! There are a few trophies in the game that you wouldn’t come across organically, like the Puny God trophy which requires you to play as Hulk and beat the crap outta Loki.

I quickly picked up the last few achievements and finally earned that coveted platinum trophy!


Shortly after this small victory, I went back to my LEGO Batman 2 game, which was about 50% complete, and worked my way to my second platinum trophy! Those are currently the only two that I have earned and that was back in May/June. I started to play LEGO The Hobbit, but I am very, very far away from finishing that one. LEGO games are getting to be a lot bigger and more complex, and they require a lot of time and effort – The Hobbit has resource collecting and crafting, for crying out loud!!!

So, I am taking a break for now because I know that, when I start itching for another platinum trophy, it’s going to eat up of a lot of my spare time. Hmm…perhaps over the coming holidays? There’s no time like the present, I guess!!!

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