Top 10 Favourite Nerdy Things #7


Chris’ Number 7: 6 Month Long Star Trek: Attack Wing Tournament


In the early part of the year, I started playing Star Trek: Attack Wing. If you don’t know, it’s a miniatures game based in the Star Trek universe that uses the same rules as X-Wing: Miniatures Game. I haven’t put up a review of either game yet, but suffice it to say that it inspired me to seek out new tournaments and hobby locations and boldly go where I hadn’t gone before.

star-trek-attack-wing-banner-710x310The first organized play event was a 6 month long event in which there was one event every month, and at the end, the person with the most points got a scale model of Deep Space 9 that could be played in game.

I grinded out practice, I read EVERYTHING, I played hard and developed my own pretty bomb ass strategy for the game that involved breaking some rules and exploiting one of the most important phases of the game – the movement phase. Sure, the lists I played were pretty cheesy, but I NEEDED that Deep Space 9. I was committed.

Eventually, I won the event. I was helped along by the fact that I had started early, and that the really good players in the tournament didn’t really show up until the 2nd/3rd week, but I still had to do really well in the latter weeks to ensure that I would walk away with the trophy. This was a marathon, not a sprint.

The entire thing inspired a daily blog I wrote for 5 months before I got burned out.

I’m not too interested in revisiting Attack Wing for a number of reasons of which I will get into at a later date- I think X-Wing is a much better game, etc., but for a few months, I was immersed in something, I was getting geeky about something, and I loved it.

My copy gathers dust on a shelf. This looks much better.
My copy gathers dust on a shelf. This looks much better.

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