Top 10 Favourite Nerdy Things #9


Kathryn’s Number 9: The Guardians of the Galaxy


When Phase 2 of the Marvel movie production schedule was leaked, it included all of the usual suspects: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America…and The Guardians of the Galaxy??!? The internet got all worked up, and Myles explained to me that The Guardians were an intergalactic band of misfits comprised of, among others, a space raccoon and a giant, sentient tree-alien. It didn’t sound too promising.

Sure! Let’s make a movie with THESE guys in it!!! Makes sense…

But, when James Gunn became attached to the film, Myles LOST IT. He has been a huge fan of James Gunn since his Troma years, and Guardians quickly leaped to the top of his most anticipated Marvel movies list. Basically, he would endure Iron Man, et al. as a means to kill time until GOTG released. I got excited by osmosis.

Well, The Guardians of the Galaxy did NOT disappoint – I absolutely LOVED it. GOTG was, by far, my favourite movie of the year. And, it’s not just “good for a superhero movie.” It’s a good movie. Period. There are a few nay-sayers out there (for instance, Flocks’ very own, Jon – I think he just needs a bit more nerducating…), but they are few and far between.

The reason why I loved GOTG so much is that it’s such a well-balanced film. It is the right amount of funny, serious, sad, moving, exciting, suspenseful, and surprising. There is also a universally appealing message of “stronger together than alone” and the notion that the ordinary can become extraordinary. Cheesy, I know, but nonetheless true. The casting was pretty much perfect and, as a Parks and Rec fan, I was relieved to find that Chris Pratt is more than capable of carrying a film. (Makes me think that Jurassic World might not be too bad!!)

They are like Kevin Bacon!
They are like Kevin Bacon!

And the MUSIC!! Holy jeebus!! THE MUSIC! It’s impossible to listen to the soundtrack without smiling. I can’t remember the last time I purchased a music album, but I did buy Awesome Mix: Volume 1 because…well…it’s awesome! I’m also grateful that I will be reminded of something other than an ear getting cut off whenever I hear Blue Swede’s Hooked on a Feeling.

I gushed and gushed about Guardians after seeing it to anyone who would listen, and even the most skeptical or indifferent among them would let me know how much they liked it – even the non-nerds (minus Jon…hmph)!! The blu-ray just came out last week, and I REALLY want to get it for all the extra features and cut scenes, but it’s too close to Christmas and I have been dropping a LOT of hints to Myles. So, I am restraining myself until the 25th.

*fingers crossed*

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