Top 5 Pizza/Video Game Combinations

Pizza and video games go together like Dreamcasts and Boot Discs. Everyone knows this. It is common knowledge. The only question is, “What pizza goes with what game?!?!” We’re going to settle some things today as I list my top 5 favourite pizza/video game combinations.

5) Adventure Island/Hawaiian


Adventure Island is as hard to play as it is to resist a slice of Hawaiian.

This obvious combination shouldn’t surprise anyone. If you’re sitting down to play a video game about a chubby little guy who jumps over fire roasts and collects fruit, maybe what you’re saying is that you are down for some pineapple and ham on your pizza pie. For extra flavor points you might want to try and slice your pie with a stone axe. Who is keeping track of flavor points? You are and if you are not, you’re probably way behind on flavor points.

4) Plants Vs. Zombies/Vegetarian



If playing Plants Vs.  Zombies makes you hungry, I’m guessing you could be a vegetarian. Seeing rotting zombies does not make people who love meat want to eat a sizzling hot slice of ‘za – don’t worry Meat-lovers, I’ve got an exciting pizza recommendation coming out of the oven just for you. Then again, seeing all those delicious plants defend a house might make your tummy rumble for green peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes. If so, I suggest the Vegetarian pizza.

3) Mortal Kombat/Plain Cheese


Yes, I know you’re amazing at sweeping the leg at JUST the right moment. Now have a slice of pizza, you bastard.

Old school fighters know what I’m talkin’ ’bout here. How many times have you gotten yourself trapped in the corner of the screen as your opponent keeps doing the same move over and over again? If you’re like me, probably like every time you ever played. This is what Urban Dictionary and my 12 year old self referred to as “CHEESE”. I’ve been cheesed my whole goddamn life and I feel like having this pizza by my side so that I could quickly offer my opponent a slice after they handed me my own ass, would validate my entire video game playing childhood.

2) Bonk’s Adventure/Meatlovers


Imagine how oily Bonk’s head would get if he actually did this. Gross.

For all of you Turbo Grafx 16 fans out there, I believe the greasy Meatlovers pizza is the perfect companion for the iconic caveman whose face is plastered all over everything TG16. In this platforming adventure classic, Bonk forces players to use HIS head to overcome obstacles, but sometimes you need some help – in the form of dinosaur meat that is still on the bone. The bigger the piece of meat he eats, the greater the benefit. Bonk is a TRUE meatlover and what better way to truly understand the character while you play the game than to devour the quintessential caveman pizza.

1) Super Mario Bros/Pepperoni


Pepperoni Pizz
It’s a-me, Marioooooh – PIZZA!

Pepperoni pizza is to pizza as what Super Mario is to video games. I can remember countless birthday parties that I attended in my childhood where someone rented or got a new Super Mario game, we all ate pepperoni pizza together and it just made sense. The world’s most famous Italian Plumber would probably approve of the most commonly enjoyed pizza. For extra flavor points you could add Mushrooms to grow a little larger and maybe some hot peppers to represent the fireballs, but what do I know, I’m just making all this stuff up as I go along.


Do you have a video game/pizza recommendation? Leave it in the comments!

Thanks for reading.

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